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Please note: Universities, Academic and Educational Institutions are kindly asked to contact one of our longtime partners CMP, EUROPRACTICE, Fraunhofer IIS or MOSIS, who are providing 1st level support to all our MPW and low volume customers worldwide.

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Following Mixed-Signal(3) hitkits can be downloaded by authorized users directly from our Download Area

hitkit version

Supported Cadence version

0.18 µm

hitkit v4.14 (4)

Cadence IC 6.1.6 ISR14

hitkit version

Supported Cadence version

0.18 µm



hitkit v4.11 (4)

Cadence IC 6.1.5 ISR10

hitkit version

Supported Cadence version

0.35 µm

C35 H35 S35

hitkit v4.10

Cadence IC 6.1.5 ISR10

iPDK v4.10

Keysight ADS 2016.01
Synopsys Custom Designer 2014.12
Tanner EDA 2016.1


  1. The required Confidentiality Agreement (CA/NDA) number (6 digits) can be found on the bottom left corner on the last page of your Confidentiality Agreement (Geheimhaltungsvertrag). 
    If there is no Confidentiality Agreement in place yet, please contact your local Sales Office.

  3. Please note that there is also a signed hitkit License Agreement required before the hitkit may be downloaded.

  5. All current hitkits include the Digital hitkit plus a complete set of analog libraries, pcells, 3-bus libraries, package library, RF pads for mixed-mode designs.

  7. For 0.18µm technologies there is a completed Project Request Form required
    (please contact hitkit@ams.com in order to get the form).

No Implied Offer

The usage of ams design kits and/or libraries or the participation on Multi Product Wafer runs (MPW) shall not be regarded as an implied offer by ams to subsequently manufacture such integrated circuits. Each integrated circuit, which is planned for production requires an official quotation by ams AG.

Please email this form as PDF to hitkit@ams.com

or fax it to Design Support/Austria, Fax: +43 3136 500-931115

Thank you !

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